Oct/10/2021, Week 81

It is time for some notes about some of the meals I’ve cooked recently.9/19 We had Cheeseburgers on Ciabatta with Basil Mayo. Hmm. The cheeseburgers were very good, but the Ciabatta was too fat as a stand-in for buns. Don’t do it!9/28 I made a pork roast and vegetables in the Crock Pot but thisContinue reading “Oct/10/2021, Week 81”

Oct/3/2021, Week 80

Let’s talk garden. This year, my cantaloupe only produced two melons. One we ate probably a month ago, and then this behemoth. We are having trouble eating it all. It weighed 6.77 pounds! I guess if my yield is only going to be two cantaloupe, at least one of them was giant! And they wereContinue reading “Oct/3/2021, Week 80”

Sept/26/2021, Week 79

Peppers again! This year we planted a Serrano pepper plant. I had no idea they were so small, yet so prolific! They were too small to roast and de-seed, so we dried them in our electric food dehydrator. The house smelled amazing!! I ended up with 3 baggies of them! SUNDAY 9-26-2021 -Roast Beef &Continue reading “Sept/26/2021, Week 79”

Sept/19/2021, Week 78

One of the sure signs that fall is here is the smell of roasting Poblano peppers! Mmmm, the smell is amazing and they taste so good! My husband roasts them, then removes the skin and seeds and I freeze them in 4 ounce batches. The daughter kept sneaking into the kitchen and stealing them. ThisContinue reading “Sept/19/2021, Week 78”

Sept/12/2021, Week 77

Since last weekend we had two BBQs in celebration of Labor Day, I will include the only food pic I took that is worthy of posting. Homemade potato salad. It wasn’t my best effort, but it was homemade and edible. I used: Boiled Russet potatoes, chives, celery, yellow mustard, Dijon mustard, mayo, salt, pepper, caperContinue reading “Sept/12/2021, Week 77”

Sept/5/2021, Week 76

Summer has flown by, as always. The garden is even starting to wind down. My wax beans and cucumbers have slowed down quite a bit. Luckily the tomatoes and zucchini, among others, are still going strong.And remember that last week we ate the Pork Cheese soup leftovers? Here is what it looked like when IContinue reading “Sept/5/2021, Week 76”

August/22/2021, Week 74

If you were on death row, what would your final meal be? For me, I am undecided because I would be picky and not just want something specific, but I would want it cooked exactly a certain way. For instance, I might pick my grandma’s homemade chicken and noodles, but the chicken would have toContinue reading “August/22/2021, Week 74”

August/15/2021, Week 73

We went camping this weekend! It was amazing to get back to nature, be unplugged, and enjoy a cooler climate. It was a refreshing trip, especially to escape the heat! It was our first dispersed camping trip, so it was a learning experience for sure. Last night, after the cooking was done and eaten, weContinue reading “August/15/2021, Week 73”


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