Sept/19/2021, Week 78

One of the sure signs that fall is here is the smell of roasting Poblano peppers! Mmmm, the smell is amazing and they taste so good! My husband roasts them, then removes the skin and seeds and I freeze them in 4 ounce batches. The daughter kept sneaking into the kitchen and stealing them. This year our garden yielded 8 4-ounce bags. Woohoo! This pic below is only about half of them.



Cheeseburgers on Ciabatta with Basil Mayo
-Sweet Potato Fries

I’m copying this from Week 41, but not using chicken. We didn’t eat the hamburgers Friday night so tonight I am improvising!

-Ciabatta rolls
-90% ground beef mixed with egg, chopped black olives and black pepper
-Sliced Muenster
-Sliced tomatoes
-Mayo mixed with chopped fresh basil & lemon zest

The fries are the easy ones from the freezer!



Crock Pot Vegetable Soup

We might have a late afternoon softball game, so I needed to find something fast to make.
I can prep the soup the day before, then just put it on low all day!

Wax beans
-Black-eyed peas
Swiss chard
-Chicken broth
-Potato broth
Whatever spices I feel like using. Usually basil, bay leaf, black pepper and parsley.




We are having dinner with friends and do not know the plan yet, as of this writing.



-Roast Beef & Cucumber Sandwiches

I’m struggling to come up with ideas this week. I’ve got fishing trip roast beef in the freezer so I had better use it up!
And, I can make this low-carb just for me by omitting the bread.

-Whatever bread I have on hand.
-Roast Beef
Cucumbers, sliced thin
-Black Pepper

Sliced tomatoes on the side. We have a lot still to use up!



Chicken & Zucchini Stir Fry

I’m just making this up with what I have on hand.

-Diced chicken thighs
-Diced zucchini
-Diced onion
-Soy Sauce
-Black Pepper
-Basmati rice



Chili Cheese Baked Potatoes

Friday night! Carbs don’t count on a Friday night, right?
This is the last container of fishing trip chili.

-AirFryer baked potatoes

On May 20th I made a sheet pan dinner with Trader Joe’s Thai Green Chili Sauce. You know I love Trader Joe’s. And this sauce is a seasonal item.
(I’m trying to use up some of the pictures I have taken.)

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