Sept/5/2021, Week 76

Summer has flown by, as always. The garden is even starting to wind down. My wax beans and cucumbers have slowed down quite a bit. Luckily the tomatoes and zucchini, among others, are still going strong.
And remember that last week we ate the Pork Cheese soup leftovers? Here is what it looked like when I cooked it on August 3rd in the Crock Pot.




I think we are having a Labor Day BBQ with some cousins!
I will be providing homemade potato salad, and garden tomatoes!

I know this will come as a surprise, I make it different every time. But I can guarantee it will have:
-Dijon Mustard
-Black Pepper
-Other items I feel like at the time!




And another BBQ at a friend’s house!

We are taking my daughter’s leftover birthday cake, cookies, tomatoes, and beer.



Smoky Beans & Greens on Toast

Yes, another one of my favorites.

I always use this recipe. And chard from my garden!



-Steamed Zucchini

-Yummy bread
-Sliced hard-boiled eggs
-Sliced garden tomatoes
-Mayo & Dijon
-Black Pepper & Salt

Nothing fancy, just zucchini, cut and steamed.



Chicken Congee

The daughter asked for this. And it is one of my favorites. Not only is it easy, but it is versatile, thanks to the toppings.

This recipe. And this time, we have fresh Serrano peppers from the garden!



-Cottage Cheese Bake
-Sliced Tomatoes

This is an easy but tasty meal for a Friday night.

I am using this recipe. Mmmmm, dairy…

And some sliced garden tomatoes. They are good enough to be a side dish all on their own.

On the 27th we had grilled Bratwurst. And remember I had leftover sliced onions from the onion pie? I threw together a fast foil pack to cook on the grill as well. I used those onions as well as some mild Poblano peppers from the garden. So easy, and yummy!

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