August/29/2021, Week 75

I need to write a few notes about some of the summer meals I have made.

Turkey Pesto Skillet, Week 72. Not bad. My family liked it more than I did.

Zucchini Salad from Week 73. This was very good! Although next time I will cut the sugar by probably 1/3. That amount of sugar gave the sauce substance, but it was just too sweet. BTW, I added peas because I had some in the fridge!

Onion Pie and Polidori Hatch Green Chili Sausages, Week 73. Wow! First of all, I can’t take any credit for the sausages but they are very good and not very spicy.
The onion pie is a bit sweet for my taste, all from the onions, but everyone liked it. TIP: the recipe says to use medium onions; make sure you use medium or reduce the number by a lot if you use large. I used 5 large onions and one small, and I ended up saving some of the sliced onions in the fridge.



Ham & Wax Beans & Taters

Yup, it’s that time again! With all these wax beans from the garden, I can make one of my favorite meals. Apparently I just made it five weeks ago.

-At least a pound of wax or green beans
-A handful of new potatoes
-Some ham, diced
-Diced onion or dried onion
-Black pepper
Throw it all in a pressure cooker with some water and cook according to the cooker’s directions, adding a couple of minutes. Or boil it if you don’t have a pressure cooker.



Hummus & Cucumber/Wax Bean Salad

We were supposed to have this on Sunday the 22nd, but we had a friend in town from Germany and went to dinner instead!

I will loosely follow this recipe. I am going to use blanched, chilled wax beans instead of bell pepper in the salad topper. I will use chives from the garden, as well as the cherry tomatoes and cucumbers!



-Serrano Meatloaf

I have another recipe in my book for microwave meatloaf. I don’t know where I got the recipe, but I have it listed here.

-I can’t afford elk and don’t have a supplier anymore, so I will probably use ground turkey or chicken. The original recipe called for a teaspoon of this, a tablespoon of that, but I converted it to cups as I think it is easier with thick, saucy items like catsup. This time I will add diced Serrano peppers from the garden.
-Just an easy store-bought sweet Kale salad.



-Nutted Wild Rice
-Steamed Vegetable

I have a recipe in my little book that I got years ago from a friend. But, it has a lot of steps and I am lazy. I am going to use it as a starting point, but make it my own way.

-My recipe is very similar to this one, but I will take shortcuts. For instance, I’ll cook the two rices together.
And I might cook the almonds with the raisins.

-Just some vegetables from the garden.



Pork, Corn, & Cheese Soup

There are softball games so I don’t have time to cook. I will just pull this out of the freezer.

I made this in Week 71. This definitely had a different flavor, but it was still good. How can you go wrong with pork and cheese?



Not sure yet!

My daughter is celebrating her birthday this night. I am guessing some girls will be sleeping over.

Teenagers don’t generally like home-cooked food, so probably pizza or Chick-fil-A. Although she might surprise me and want to go out. She is a foodie, after all!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only 3 months away?

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